Here are just a few examples of our favorite projects.


CBH/SAA - California Bowmen Hunters / State Archery Association

Project Type: Web Application

Web App hosted in Microsofts Azure Cloud Space

CBH Big Game Club

Project Type: Web Application

Web App hosted in Microsofts Azure Cloud Space

Archers' Score Network

Project Type: Scorekeeping Suite

The Archers’ Score Network is a suite of software applications and cloud technology designed and developed specifically for Archery.  ASN provides an easy to use platform for archery clubs and pro shops to announce and score their events, produce reports for print or export to pdf or Excel and manage their archer list all in one application.
This is a great project that really helped us evolve as developers. There are 4 major parts to ASN.
  • ASN Admin which is an administrative application responsible for maintaining the ASN Database
  • ASN Web, which is a Web Application responsible for delivering ASN content and displaying our lists of over 1000 Archery Clubs, Pro Shops, Associations and Ranges.
  • ASN Club which is our Archery Scorekeeping Application designed for Archery Clubs and Pro Shops.
  • ASN Archer which is a personal scorekeeping app for Windows 10 Devices including Windows tablets and Microsoft Lumia Phones. (iOS and Android available soon)
All of these different technoligies work together using the same database.
The next step for this project is ASN Indoor which we are developing for the Target Shooters in our growing community

Oranco Bowmen Archery Club

Project Type: Web Application

Web App hosted in Microsofts Azure Cloud Space

CAL-20 - California 20 Day Preliminary Notice

Project Type: Document Processing

CAL-20 was developed by contractors for contractors and suppliers to fill the void in the preliminary notice preparation process. All contractors in California are required fill out this document at the beginning of each project and send it to anyone who might have a lean on the property. CAL-20 makes it easy by collecting the information to fill out the form with a few clicks and prints all forms required.
CAL-20 was developed in by DSI in partnership with Contractors Software and Solutions Inc.

DFHTO - The Door, Frame and Hardware Takeoff

Project Type: Estimating Software

DFHTO is a Takeoff application for the Architectural Door and Hardware industry. We originally released it in 2010 but now it is getting a real makeover.