About DSI

It all started with the Sinclair ZX81 I got from the back of a Popular Science magazine. I got it as a kit and had to assemble it. That meant soldering all the parts on the printed circuit board. That was 1981. I hear they are worth about $199 today on ebay. Still less than I paid for it after I paid for the 52k memory expansion, TV to use as a monitor and tape recorder to stored the programs I wrote in Basic. It took me a couple months to get the thing working but I was HOOKED! Then the PC came out and I learned everything I could. I took a couple semesters of Pascal and I worked a second job installing twisted pair Novel networks then built computers from parts and installed them on those networks. Those were the good old days.

A few years later I was an IT Manager and I thought I knew it all. After all, I had pretty much mastered Workstations, Networks and SQL Server. Then the Boss came into my office and said he wanted a company website and had hired a company to build it. My job was to manage the project and give them any support they needed. No problem right? Six months later they were "still working on the graphics" and hoped it would be done in the next 90 days and by the way… we need an extra $10,000 to go forward, so I purchased a copy of photo shop and had the graphics finished in a month. Nine months later the company was having trouble and had to let most of their employees go, so I learned HTML and finished the project.

In 2000, I purchased a copy of Microsoft Visual Studio for $1500 bucks and started writing "Real Programs". I even had Real Customers! Again, I was HOOKED! I saw the handheld computing thing coming so I wrote several Windows CE programs using Windows Forms and got into WWMS (Wireless Warehouse Management Services) and field data collection. This was a new world, Wireless Networks. Desktop apps were next then came Windows Phone which started to blend desktop and mobile together. With the advent of Microsoft Windows 10 and the variety of devices available, the next logical step is Mobile. Today, 80% of web searches are from a mobile device.