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At DSI, We specialize in what we call "Bridge Software" . Not the kind of bridge you drive over, but software that bridges the gap when your existing software falls short. Many times, you have invested in inventory or accounting software and it does its job, but the reports don’t give you what you need or your inventory manager is left out in the dark. This is where we come in. We can develop a custom reporting solution that gives your CFO all the information he needs at a glance. We can also implement a WWMS (Wireless Warehouse Management Solution) custom tailored to fit your needs.

Desktop Applications

(Windows 7 and above) A custom desktop application can make all the difference in the world to your outside sales team or shipping clerk. Getting the right information to your CFO or purchasing agent is crucial in making the right decisions now more than ever. We can analyze the problem and suggest a solution.

Web Apps / Websites / Hybrid App

What's the difference between a Web App and a Website? Glad you asked. A website is usually a semi-static representation or your content. In other words, they display your content on a web page and can link to other pages, but don't really do much else. A Web App is a software application that can display your content on the web, but can also connect to a data source and display dynamic data like a product list or event calendar. They are also a great deal more secure than a standard website. There are many other benefits we would be happy to discuss with you.

What's a Hybrid App? This is a Web Application, SQL Database and Desktop Application that connects it all together. For example: Say you have a custom clothing company and need to add/remove an item or change the price. In most cases that would mean a call to your web administrator asking to make the change. With a Hybrid App, you have a direct link to your database and can make the change youself as often as you like saving time and money.

Mobile Apps

A Mobile App can be a Web App specifically designed for a mobile device like a smart phone or tablet. They can also be stand alone software applications that are installed on the device that delivers more secure content to a smart phone or tablet. At DSI we can develop both.

Online Payments

Do you need to take credit card payments on your website? We can integrate Pay Pal into your existing website.

Reporting Solutions

Dry and dull as dirt for most people, but to the right person in your organization it can mean the difference between a good and a great year.

DSI has been providing Custom Software and IT Solutions to small business for more than 21 years and we are looking forward to doing the same for you.